Cinderella Classic and Cinderella Challenge

The big day is here!  If you registered for Cinderella, you should have received an email confirmation.  Registration opens @ 7:00am.  You’ll receive your number and SWAG when you check in (and your patch when you check out).

Let’s meet up for a group photo and to ride out together!  Plan to arrive at 6:30am to dress, pump your tires, and roll over to registration by 7:00am.  Ride your bike to registration (don’t walk, it takes too long).  Lines move quickly.  We’ll meet up in the courtyard at 7:20am and ride out together immediately after that.

Many of our team members will be riding the event (both the Classic and Challenge routes), although we’re not technically leading the ride that day.  But hopefully you’ve met awesome women during our progressive training ride series who you’ll be able to ride with.

Don’t forget your wallet on ride day.  There’s a GREAT expo after the ride with lots of women-specific cycling vendors.  Most accept credit cards but some of the smaller businesses are still cash only.


Please note:  the Cinderella Classic is an organized, supported ride put on by the Valley Spokesmen cycling club.  You must register separately for this event.  And, it looks like registration is still open.  There is no “day of” registration so register online if you haven’t already done so.

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