Dirty Velo Girls – Russian Ridge

Part of our Thursday weeknight rides, the third Thursday we will be riding at Russian Ridge OSP.  This EARLY INTERMEDIATE level ride is great for mountain bikers who are just beyond beginners and working on building skills.  Check your level here.

Miles of beautiful views, tree-lined single track, fast open ridges, and a few decent climbs make Russian Ridge a great place for early intermediate riders to hone their skills and intermediate/advanced riders will enjoy some fun, chill trails.

Trails will be determined by the group, but we typically head up to Borel peak first, then swoop around through the trees, and might even throw in a Dirt Alpine run as the days lengthen.  Plan for about 2 hours, 8+ miles.

Women of all ages are welcome to join – you must have a mountain bike in good working condition, helmet, and water.  Items like knee/elbow pads, full suspension, and snacks might make the ride more fun.  

Rain and / or wet conditions will cancel the ride.  Please check back here for weather updates prior to the ride.

Want to carpool?  Post below.

Bathrooms and water are available at the park.

-Team Velo Girls. 

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