Velo Girls Climb: Mt. Hamilton

Join me on my favorite climb in the world! I LOVE Mt. Hamilton and want to share it with you. It’s a long climb (18.5 miles) but the grade is never too steep, averaging about 5-6%. If you also love Hamilton, or if you’ve always wanted to climb it but haven’t, come join me.

We’ll meet at Berryessa Community Center, READY TO ROLL, at 9:00am.

Turn Sheet here:

Not sure? You can always join us for the first half of the climb up to Grant Ranch Park.

So, this is a serious ride. I don’t want to scare anyone away, but it’s a CLIMB. Even though the mileage is low (40ish miles), it includes 5,000′ of climbing. Make a smart decision. You know if you’re ready for this ride (or for half of it). Please don’t join this ride if you think you’ll have to walk it. That’s no fun and I want you to succeed. However, if you’ve been ramping up your distance and elevation and feel ready to tackle 5,000′, I will support you.