You ride a bike, but do you know HOW to ride a bike?


The reality is, most of us rode bikes as children. We didn’t really know how, but we didn’t need to know. We just did it. It was easy. It was intuitive. We didn’t have to think about it. But as adults, we have an overwhelming need to understand the why and how of riding a bike. We want to fix, manage, and control things. But most of us don’t really understand how and why a bike works. We just do it. And that’s okay, until the day we make a mistake, because we don’t really know how to ride.


No one can help you ride or race your bike better than the coaches of Savvy Bike. Since 2002, we’ve helped 1,000s of women and men achieve their goals of being smarter, safer, more skilled, and more confident on the bike. We’ve created a learning atmosphere where you’ll feel comfortable and safe, and yet challenged to try something new.


Offering skills clinics, bike fit, and on-bike coaching, Savvy Bike will help you ride safely, comfortably, confidently, and have more FUN on the bike!


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